The Original Experience - Completely Free

Yeogsa aims to retrace the Original Experience being the only server that manages to stay true to the mechanics of the old times. And the whole Item Shop is completely accessible through only playing without having to spend a single dime.


Classic Content

No knick-knacks, the hardcore experience as you remember it, only original content.

Fair to everyone

The whole Item Shop is completely accessible by playing.


Find your style with plenty of different skins, a big selection strictly from the Original content.

Rivals of Shiao

Availble to play both on PC and on mobile!
Earn Emeralds and use them to gain access to new shiny items!

And many others!

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@everyone, please give a warm welcome to our fresh @TGM - Trial Game Master 😊

Thanks for joining our team @​bakura_. @b.aios @​bacoae

We are looking forward to your help and contribution for Yeogsa!

Good luck and a hearty welcome from the whole @역사 - Staff!


@everyone Server online!


We found the issue and will reboot the server in 15 minutes. We will notify @everyone once the Server is up again. Thanks for your patience.


@everyone Server online!


Good evening @everyone!

Sadly the temperatures are dropping and starting on <t:1695488400:D> the days are getting shorter again. All in all, summer will end as well as the summer event on Yeogsa.

Atlantis will submerge, but we are certain, that you will be able to visit Atlantis again!

Have some great last days of summer and enjoy your time!