The Original Experience

Completely Free

Yeogsa aims to retrace the Original Experience being the only server that manages to stay true to the mechanics of the old times. And the whole Item Shop is completely accessible through only playing without having to spend a single dime.

Our Mission

We aim to revive neglected core features often overshadowed by the rush to endgame seen in many servers. Without imposing heavy financial burdens on players, our goal is to foster engaging gameplay from start to finish. Regardless of your level, there's always going to be something meaningful to pursue.

MMORPGs used to offer diverse playstyles, allowing players to shape their experiences. Yeogsa embraces this freedom, encouraging inventive approaches and rewarding players who innovate within the game's economy.

With these principles, Yeogsa promises a vibrant gaming environment, promoting player interactions and delivering continuous excitement throughout the entire journey.

Latest Features

In-Game Wiki

It's time to bid farewell to long online searches: the Game Wiki has arrived!

Now you can access crucial game information with just a few simple clicks directly within the game world.
Equipment, mounts, drops, enemies, crafting, and much more will be at your fingertips, with 3D previews for detailed and immediate insight!

Ship Defense

Are you ready to defend the ship from the Hydra's assault?
Repel the sea monster's attack and prevent the ship from sinking to earn the Hydra's chest.

Weapon Blessings

Discover the new 4 blessing upgrades for your weapons!
Use their sacred powers to defeat the evil forces.

Grotto of Exile

The classic dungeon, as you remember it, with the addition of the Beran-Setaou
Beat the dragon and earn your way to get a new armor set!

Rivals of Shiao

In our newest gamemode, Rivals of Shiao, you may battle with your obtainable companions.
Earn Emeralds and use them to gain access to new shiny items!
Availble to play both on PC and on mobile!

Events with Rankings

Many events such as Hyperbosses, Shiny Bosses and more will have a real time ranking that will show on the side of the screen.
Do your best and climb the leaderboard to win the best prizes for the event!

Shiny Monsters

In the World of Yeogsa every Monster, Boss, and Metin has a chance to spawn as a shiny version of itself.
While Monsters and Metins will spawn silently, every Shiny boss will be announced both in game and on Discord!
Go hunt them, compete with other players and get special prizes out of them!


Classic Content

No knick-knacks, the hardcore experience as you remember it, only original content.
Hardcore gameplay with a slow but steady progression that will value every achievement.
We aim to push multiple content updates over time but always staying true to the original game.

Fair to everyone

Yeogsa's philosophy is to have every player on the same level and avoid forcing players to spend real money.
The whole Item Shop is completely accessible by playing.
Only Cosmetics, and items that do not affect progression, are buyable in the Skin Shop exclusively with real money through the use of Shop Coins.


While main content and gear are what they used to be back in the day there was no real reason not to backport Costumes and even Mounts, inserted as Skins for your horse.
Find your style with plenty of different options, a big selection strictly from the Original content.


Pets too have made their way into Yeogsa and will keep you company!
They will help you to recycle anywhere for Shop Points and you can funnel all your experience to them.
And they will also follow you on mobile!

Offline Shops

Who said you snooze you lose?
Offline Shops will give you the freedom to turn off your computer and keep making money.
You'll be also able to double the normal available item slots and get real time notifications of sales.

Better Graphics

The experience may be classic, but graphics quality doesn't have to be!
Adjustable FOV, Advanced Shaders, Ray Tracing and High Refresh Rate support will please your eyes right from the start!

Quest Engine Improvements

Quests have been made more intuitive to guarantee a smoother experience.
More Quality of life improvents, such as the Enemy Preview, will help you further.

Improved Horse

You won't need any item anymore to call your horse. Because of this the horse menu, hated by many players, has been removed too.
A simple keypress is all you will need to call and ride your horse.
Moreover, horses have no collisions when unmounted and are now skinnable with mount skins.

Multi Language

Client is currently translated in 7 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Romanian, Czech) with additional languages coming soon.

Bot Protections

Bots and other forms of automation always gave an unfair advantage to players using them.
Yeogsa is equipped with in-house developed protections, both client-side and server-side, with euristhics analysis to find and stop bot users.

Bigger Inventory

Originally, the game used to have two Inventory pages. Yeogsa has four.
Expand your inventory and fill them all.

Bonus Page

Monitor all the bonuses currently affecting your character, pin your favorites and find quicky any bonus thanks to the search bar.

Channel Switcher

Quickly switch channel without having to logout and login back.