Shop Points

Why Shop Points

Yeogsa's philosophy is to have every player on the same level and avoid forcing players to spend real money.
The whole Item Shop is accessible through Shop Points gainable only by playing.
Cosmetics are buyable, in the Skin Shop, with real money through the use of Shop Coins

Shop Points

Shop Points are not purchasable and are only available in game.
It is possible to buy in the shop through the use of Shop Points

Some ways of getting Shop Points are:

Shop Coins

Ji-Hoon, Daeshim and Kwan will be waiting for you in the Villages selling many different Costumes, Mounts, Pets and other non-advantaging items!
Be alert because their selection will change every week and many items are rarer than others!

Through the use of Shop Coins, buyable here, you will be able to shop from their stock.