The Original Experience

Completely Free

Yeogsa aims to retrace the Original Experience being the only server that manages to stay true to the mechanics of the old times. And the whole Item Shop is completely accessible through only playing without having to spend a single dime.


Classic Content

No knick-knacks, the hardcore experience as you remember it, only original content.

Fair to everyone

The whole Item Shop is completely accessible by playing.


Find your style with plenty of different skins, a big selection strictly from the Original content.

Rivals of Shiao

Availble to play both on PC and on mobile!
Earn Emeralds and use them to gain access to new shiny items!

And many others!

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Latest News


We are back online! @Yeogsa-Community


Announcement: Reboot to fix the Dragon-Run!

Good evening @Yeogsa-Community!

We were able to locate the bug and test it on our test net already! Beran is working like a charm again, and will grant you it's desired loot!

The reboot will take place <t:1720386000:t>!

We will notify you, one the reboot is concluded and the Server is up again.

Happy Gaming!


Announcement: Disabling of the Dragon-Run!

Good morning @Yeogsa-Community !

Some reported, that the Dragon won't reward you with his treasure upon defeating him. Therefore we disabled the run temporarily until we fixed the bug causing it.

We will notify you, once we enable the run again.

Your @역사 - Staff !


Announcement: Back online!

Aaaaand we are back online @Yeogsa-Community! We reverted the multiplier for the recycling at the blacksmith! Don't forget the latest #🙋-polls regarding the rates of Yeogsa. (Poll will be concluded: <t:1720468800:f>)

Happy Gaming!


Announcement: Applying the correct multiplier for recycling!

Good evening @Yeogsa-Community !

Many of you already noticed, that the amount of Mpoints you gain by successfully recycling an item at the Blacksmith is halved. The multiplier slipped through our fingers during the merge process. We will conduct a short maintenance <t:1720297800:R> to fix this little error!

As always, we will notify you, once the maintenance is completed.

Happy Gaming!